TrakMedia Solutions is a group of dedicated, talented professionals with years of experience in branding, communications, marketing, and business development, and we’ve spent more than a decade working together. We’re “big agency” experts that empower our clients through our “small agency” mindset—taking the time to get to know each and every client and their specific marketing goals. You’ll always have direct access to our senior team, and we work around the clock to achieve results for your business.

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a start-up with a limited budget, TrakMedia Solutions can help you expand your reach across all channels, and dramatically improve your ROI.

Brands we’re proud to work with:

  • Time Warner Cable
  • Westport
  • XL Hybrids
  • Hamlin & Burton
  • ENN Canada
  • Honeywell
  • Veterinary Advantage Magazine




A top three cable operator wanted to increase sales without having to increase their monthly SEM spend. Request the case study and find out how we isolated lead-driving factors, optimized those factors in NFL cities around the US, and drastically reduced our client’s cost per lead.


A Florida-based college wanted to increase enrollment in specialized programs and increase engagement online in education-related searches. Get the case study to learn how we optimized the client’s budget to double leads and outperform their cost per acquisition objectives.


A leading financial services company wanted to identify clients in need of a short-term loan, and direct them to a convenient branch location. Contact us for a case study, and find what happened after we reduced the spend in less effective keywords and channels to produce more qualified leads.


A national dental implant company wanted to evenly target 20 markets in the US, and appeal to an affluent audience with a credit score over 700. Request a case study to learn more about our specific granular targeting strategy, and how it helped drive more qualified leads and higher ROI for our client.


A pre-owned automobile acquisition company with more than 50 locations across US and Canada faced the challenge of increasing leads in an exceptionally competitive industry where national, regional, and local businesses were aggressive bidding on the same SEM keywords. See the full case study to find out how we went beyond Google to help our client dominate their specific target market, and decrease their overall CPL.


A high-end real estate company with luxury rental properties and homes that sell for $1 million to $20 million faced the challenge of vacancies in upscale apartments in major market cores. They also had multi-million dollar properties in flat or depressed real estate markets that needed to be sold. Get the case study to find out how our geo-targeting tactics and conversion-based optimization delivered results for our client.